The Foundation

The European Environment Foundation - EEF aims to promote dialogue between all disciplines of sustainable policy. It gives impulses and stimulates a policy-facilitating, confidence-building, communication-promoting and exploratory exchange in Europe and worldwide.

The starting point of the international orientation is the certainty that all sustainable policy must be transnational in order to be effective.

Special attention is given to the promotion and support of outstanding environmental leaders, opinion leaders, and to raising awareness among young people.

With the International Convention of Environmental Laureates - ICEL and the online platform, the EEF convenes winners of leading international environmental awards to allow them to share and exchange experience, ideas and innovative solutions for the world's most pressing challenges.

The foundation advises cities, institutions and companies and provides them with its worldwide network of experts in various disciplines of sustainable policy, sustainable economics and institutional work as consultants.

The EEF was founded in 2011 as a non-profit foundation under Swiss law. It is domiciled in Basel/Switzerland.

The EEF supports environmental leaders in a number of ways:



The wide-spread network of the EEF provides a unique opportunity for environmental leaders to interact and collaborate with other individuals across multiple sectors including biodiversity, climate protection, conservation, environmental law and human rights, sustainable energy access.



In many regions of the world environmental defenders are politically persecuted, harassed, attacked and threatened. A strong network with multifarious personal relationships and a high public awareness can help to serve as an advocate and as a protective shield.

Experience exchange


Winners of leading environmental prizes possess a wealth of experience and knowledge. With ICEL and the EEF allows them to exchange their ideas and approaches to mutually inspire one another and to share lessons learned.