Species conservation

Species conservation
field of work
Biodiversity / Nature Conservation
start date
January 1, 1987 
project initiator
Nature knows no boundaries. EuroNatur is working for the protection of Europe’s large mammals, migratory birds like cranes and storks, and the highly endangered Mediterranean monk seal – across national borders. We want to lay the foundations for brown bears, wolves and lynxes to return to their former habitats, and raise awareness and acceptance among the people in these areas. Our foundation is fighting for undamaged and safe resting sites along the flyways of migratory birds, so they can calmly recover from the stresses and strains of their long journey. In all of its species conservation projects, EuroNatur cooperates with local partners to develop solutions that offer a perspective for both man and nature. This is the only way to achieve lasting success of nature conservation measures.
we are looking for
financial support, publicity/visibility
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